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​We offer a variety of software solutions. We also offer subscriptions and the opportunity to participate in market sharing.

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All new clients receive complimentary consultations with our head designer to establish a personalized plan.

Our software is a proven cost effective hosted solution. Concierge Member Management Suite is designed for the individual or group medical practices, concierge companies, and hospitals with Concierge member physicians. In addition, we can manage Hybrid-Concierge as well as Direct Pay medical practices. Read More

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Premier Wellness Care is a distinguished design of concierge medical practice providing an extensive combination of services to all patients. Our goal is to provide outstanding patient care by maximizing your time, minimizing visits to other facilities for ancillary services, allowing more immediate results for your provider, and working with you to develop a lifestyle and wellness plan to optimize your health. Direct Primary Care software and Concierge Care software has made this all possible!Our patients are already benefiting.."Thank you for medical care that's rare and has given me back my quality of life."   ~Tammy

Direct Primary Software


​​Our mission is to provide hosted software solutions as well as consulting services to streamline medical practices, rent management, tuition management and other billing solutions. Our team has over 40 years combined experience in Information technology, accounting, and medical services.​​

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The Concierge Member Management Suite is easy to use! 

The Concierge Member Management Suite is much better than our old system.

Having a single system to process all aspects of Concierge Member Management is very beneficial.

Software Solutions

Concierge Member Manager Suite

Ecommission Manager Software

Ebilling Manager Software

eTuition Management Suite